Art on the border

Cabalva Farm Gallery presented its first exhibition ever in September 2011, as part of h.Art week, featuring new paintings and sculptures by Pat Birks, Shan Egerton, Joseph Galvin, Veronica Guest, Sally Matthews, Shelagh Popham, Susannah Royle, and Colin Simmonds.  The gallery holds periodic special exhibitions in a Georgian farmhouse with stunning views overlooking the River Wye and the Black Mountains, near Hay-on-Wye, the town of books.

Above image:   Zebra by Sally Matthews, life size steel

Below images:  oil paintings by Susannah Royle, oil paintings by Colin Simmonds and pottery by Pat Birks, portrait by Joe Galvin

Susannah Royle

Colin Simmonds and Pat Birks

Joe Galvin

About Cabalva Farm

Cabalva Farm is a working farm set amidst gently rolling hills, meadows and streams. Its historic buildings, garden courtyard, stables and expansive views of the Rive Wye and the Black Mountains, river fishing, Offa's Dyke Walk, and trout-filled pond make it a perfect country escape. Nearby Hay-on-Wye, home of the Telegraph Hay Literary Festival and undisputed capitol of second-hand bookshops, has lively open-air markets, galleries and festivals year round.
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